About Us

Main goal

Future Earth’s Knowledge-Action Networks are networks of people and organisations, collaborating to build the knowledge and tools needed to tackle the greatest sustainability challenges of our time. The Nexus Knowledge-Action Network does so with the objective of promoting sustainable and equitable delivery of water, energy and food for all. This is achieved through better understanding of the interactions between water, energy and food systems and managing their trade-offs and synergies. The Nexus Knowledge-Action Network facilitates collaboration between existing projects, networks and individuals involved with nexus issues and builds on their knowledge, expertise and experience.

Main purpose

Activities organised by the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge-Action Network aim to inform decisions to best address threats to sustainable and equitable access to water, food and energy, whose causes and/or consequences are embedded in the interactions between these three components. Decisions refer not only to policies and strategies, but also to behavioral change, new practices, technologies and institutions, across all spatial scales.

The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge-Action Network activities aim to: 

  1. Build community and mobilise capacity to collaborate on water-energy-food nexus research and innovation, including:
    • Organising conferences and workshops;
    • Connecting people and building collaborations;
    • Supporting fellowships and training programmes.
  2. Facilitate, co-design, synthesise and amplify research on the water-energy-food nexus to scale solutions across sectors and geographies, including:
    • Co-designing research agendas;
    • Developing projects that have the potential to catalyse transformations;
    • Producing synthesis reports/papers and policy briefs;
    • Amplifying new knowledge to drive actions.

More information about these activities can be found in the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge-Action Network Research and Engagement Plan.



The Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge-Action Network began with a scoping process driven by a Development Team. This group of experts was responsible for developing the Water-Energy-Food Nexus Knowledge-Action Network Research and Engagement Plan, to guide and shape nexus-related activities under the umbrella of Future Earth. A Steering Committee was established in March 2018 to initiate and stimulate activities within the Nexus Knowledge-Action Network, with the aim of enhancing collaboration and interaction among the research and practice communities working on nexus issues, spurring the co-creation of new knowledge and the application of knowledge in practice.

Individuals, organisations and/or initiatives, from research and other sectors, may propose and lead activities to the benefit of the larger community. The Steering Committee ensures the coherence of the portfolio of activities, including by deciding which activities should be initiated, supported and developed under the Nexus Knowledge-Action Network umbrella.