About Us

Main goal

Future Earth launched the Water-Energy-Food-Nexus Knowledge-Action Network with the aim to contribute to meeting the goal of delivering water, energy and food for all in a sustainable and equitable way. It will do so by fostering the production of the knowledge needed to better understand interactions between water, energy and food systems and how the synergies and trade-offs among them can be better managed towards this goal.

Main purpose

The Water-Energy-Food-Nexus Knowledge-Action Network is a platform for collaboration between the various communities and initiatives working on the Nexus, and for the integration and synthesis of their results. It builds on their knowledge and activities. By providing a truly independent and balanced platform for sharing, integrating and synthesizing the variety of relevant knowledge, the Water-Energy-Food-Nexus Knowledge-Action Network aims to advance our understanding of the interactions between water, energy and food systems. In so doing, we will contribute to designing contextualized solutions to Nexus challenges. Furthermore, the Water-Energy-Food-Nexus Knowledge-Action Network aims to collect, integrate and debate the diversity of perspectives, lay and indigenous knowledge of societal actors concerned by the Nexus. This Knowledge-Action Network seeks to support the science community in developing solutions-oriented research, which is needed to define and implement new strategies and policies for sustainable development in close interactions with relevant stakeholders.

The Water-Energy-Food-Nexus Knowledge-Action Network will focus on developing activities that focus on stimulating integration, synthesis and agenda setting in this field, and bring added value to existing initiatives. Activities may be proposed by all researchers and stakeholders on Nexus issues to the benefit of the larger community of researchers and stakeholders working in this field.