ArcticSTAR - Solution-oriented, transdisciplinary research for a sustainable Arctic

Kirovsk, Russia. Photo: Ekaterina Sotova via Flickr

The ArcticSTAR initiative brings together several existing communities of Arctic researchers from the natural and social sciences to develop a plan for how Future Earth should address Arctic issues, specifically those related to global environmental change and considered priorities by Arctic communities in the broadest sense, including residential populations (from hamlets to cities), industries, NGOs, or governments.

The breadth and scope of issues linked to environmental change in the Arctic cannot be addressed by any one disciplinary approach, any one nation or program, or without the active engagement and participation of Northern people. Bringing together Arctic researchers and stake- and rights-holders to share ideas, facilitate collaboration across disciplinary and national boundaries, and co-design and co-produce knowledge is critical to addressing the key scientific and societal challenges posed by environmental change in the Arctic. The overarching goal is to enable a solution-oriented, transdisciplinary approach to Arctic research that will provide critical knowledge regarding how the Arctic region is changing, how these changes impact the diversity of life, human systems and governance in the Arctic and beyond, and how Arctic societies may prepare for and respond to these changes.