Video: Introducing Frans Berkhout, Future Earth Interim Director

Aug 2013

Prof. Berkhout explains that Future Earth is a platform for great science to meet its stakeholders.

We sat down with Frans Berkhout at the British Academy, where he was attending a Future Earth Town Hall co-organised by the Royal Society and the British Academy.


Future Earth13 Aug 2013
Hi JoYohana, Funding agencies are an important stakeholder for Future Earth, but there are number of others that have also been identified. These include: academic research (individual scientists, research institutes and universities), organisations at the interface between science and policy, governments (national, regional and international), development groups (e.g. World Bank), business and industry, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the media. As to meeting with our stakeholders, stakeholder engagement is a complex activity for a program such as Future Earth. This will mainly be the responsibility of a high-level Engagement Committee, who will lead the development of an engagement and communications strategy. Detailed information on this can be found in the Draft Initial Design Report, available here: We hope this answer helps. — The Future Earth team