Patricia Balvanera

Centro de Investigaciones en EcosistemasUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, MexicoWebsite

Dr. Patricia Balvanera is a professor at the National University of Mexico. Her work aims to understand the links between biodiversity and human well-being. Her research has explored the role of biodiversity in regulating the supply of ecosystem services. Her team has contributed to tools for assessing the spatial patterns of ecosystem service supply.

Dr. Balvanera has been exploring how management modifies the way biodiversity is maintained and the ability of ecosystems to supply a suite of services to society. Her work includes the analysis of the different ecological and societal conditions that modify the way people manage ecosystems and how this leads to different sets of tradeoffs among ecosystem services. She has also been exploring how to account for the role of culture and intangible dimensions of well-being into management and policy design.  Her research encompasses field work in a managed tropical dry landscape, analyses of spatially explicit information at regional to global scales, development of conceptual and methodological frameworks and meta-analyses of published data. Her work draws from a background in basic and applied ecology as well as from a large network of collaborators in ecology, social anthropology, political sciences, economy and philosophy. 

She is member of the scientific committee of PECS, GEO-BON-Ecosystem Services, and the Mexican Ecosistemas network. She is associate editor of Ecosystem Services, Ecology and Society, Journal of Plant Ecology and the International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management. She is a member of the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program.