Founding Members


Lewis AkenjiInstitute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan
Julia BackhausMaastricht University, Netherlands
Magnus BengtssonIndependent researcher and consultant, Japan
Halina BrownClark University, USA
Alison BrowneUniversity of Manchester, UK
Ilan ChabayInstitute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, Germany
Anthony Shun Fung ChiuDe La Salle University, Philippines
Maurie CohenNew Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
Anna Davies Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
Sonali DiddiColorado State University, USA
Frances FahyNational University of Ireland, Ireland
Daniel FischerLeuphana University, Germany
Cindy IsenhourUniversity of Maine, USA
Charlotte Louise JensenAalborg University, Denmark
Wenling LiuBeijing Institute of Technology, China
Sylvia LorekSustainable Europe Research Institute, Germany
Hein MalleeRegional Centre for Future Earth in Asia / Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Japan
Michael ManiatesYale University / National University of Singapore, Singapore
Steven McGreevyResearch Institute for Humanity and Nature, Japan
Lucie MiddlemissUniversity of Leeds, UK
Anne-Hélène Prieur-RichardFuture Earth Global Hub, Montreal, Canada
Jaco Quist Delft University of Technology,  The Netherlands 
Lucia Reisch Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Marlyne SahakianUniversity of Lausanne, Switzerland
Gerd SchollInstitute for Ecological Economy Research, Germany
Craig StargerFuture Earth Global Hub, USA / Colorado State University, USA
Dimitris StevisColorado State University, USA
Masachika SuzukiSophia University, Japan
John ThøgersenAarhus University, Denmark
Vanessa TimmerOne Earth, Canada
Philip VergragtClark University, USA




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