National Networks

National structures are an essential part of Future Earth, developing and nurturing thriving, dynamic and diverse Future Earth networks in countries around the world. They harness, enable and support communities that share the Future Earth vision by taking on a range of roles:

  • Promoting and facilitating the key principles of Future Earth in national global change and sustainability research and capacity building
  • Providing a national perspective on Future Earth’s vision and research agenda
  • Acting as a hub of information, connections and engagement for and with national researchers, stakeholders and funders interested in global change and sustainability

National structures may typically include a coordinating leadership team and an open and diverse national network of researchers and societal partners. Future Earth also recognises that various models for national networks might be prefered and welcomes innovative structures to the strictly national model, such as structures  representing sub-national regions or consortia of collaborative national states.

Check back in often as new national structures join Future Earth.