Open Network

Join the Water-Energy-Food Nexus community on the Future Earth Open Network, an online platform for people and organisations from around the world to meet, collaborate and innovate on research for global sustainability. The Future Earth Open Network is a hub for the latest news and discussions around global sustainability, where researchers and diverse experts can mobilise around a common purpose: fostering transformations to sustainability. Here, you can:

  • Meet and collaborate on research with new partners from in and out of academia working around the world
  • Join existing communities or form your own
  • Post announcements and upcoming events
  • Upload and review key documents
  • Learn about and develop proposals for funding opportunities
  • Host webinars, chats and other live events

The Future Earth Open Network is space where anyone with a stake in global sustainability research can get involved in the mission of Future Earth. We envision that the Future Earth Open Network will be:

  1. A space for knowledge and action. At the core of Future Earth is a commitment to the co-design and co-production of research. We believe that for research to meet the evolving needs of society, scientists must reach out to diverse communities in the public and private sectors, civil society and more. The Future Earth Open Network is a space for making those connections. 
  2. A space for sustainability resources. As it evolves, the Future Earth Open Network will become a platform where professionals can find the tools they need to take on research and engagement projects, whether it be our crowd-sourced events calendar, jobs board or publications database.
  3. A space for guiding Future Earth. Future Earth is, ultimately, a collaborative organisation. We believe that our priorities and goals should be driven by the global sustainability community at large. This network will be the primary platform for people and organisations to share their expertise with Future Earth and to shape our activities moving forward.
  4. A space for you. The Future Earth Open Network is constantly evolving. We know that this network will grow and develop over time, and we want your help in designing a more useful and efficient platform.