Partnering with Future Earth

Future Earth welcomes the strategic growth of its community of partners expanding beyond the projects that are in the process of transitioning into Future EarthThe programme welcomes new initiatives that contribute to its Vision and research priorities and to its goals for engagement and capacity building. New partners may also contribute funding to the programme. Note that individual researchers will not generally be considered as partners but  should contact the relevant project(s) to have their activity endorsed or join in the existing research effort.

  • Sustained Partners engage closely with Future Earth over a sustained period, and with researchers and potential users of its scientific information and products. Examples of sustained partners include – but are not limited to – projects conducting or coordinating research on Future Earth's key challenges, networks of interested individuals or organizations and creators of educational and outreach materials.
  • Contributing Partners engage with Future Earth around a single initiative. Examples of contributing partners include short-term research projects, organizers of relevant workshops or conferences.
  • Communication and Engagement Partners serve as key trusted messengers between Future Earth and its stakeholders, and facilitate two-way communication and engagement within Future Earth.

Depending on the level of engagement, benefits for new initiatives may include:

  • Endorsement by Future Earth
  • Invitations to participate in Future Earth workshops and to develop activities in association with Future Earth and its scientific community
  • Opportunities to contribute to Future Earth’s engagement in policy processes

Depending on the level of engagement, new initiatives may be required to:

  • Regularly report on progress
  • Acknowledge Future Earth in publications and other products
  • Share findings with Future Earth and contribute to its publications and other media


If you would like to connect with Future Earth, please complete this form for assessment by the Future Earth Secretariat and the Science and Engagement Committees.   

Applicants are encouraged to review existing initiatives prior to applying.