Structure and Governance

Future Earth brings together a global network of scientific projects working across the natural and social sciences on critical global change and sustainability issues.

The governance structure of Future Earth embraces the concepts of co-design and co-production of science with relevant stakeholders across a wide range of sectors.

Future Earth is led by a Governing Council and supported by two advisory bodies: a Science Committee and an Engagement Committee. These bodies are appointed by and report to the members of the Science and Technology Alliance for Global Sustainability, which acts as the Governing Council.

The Governing Council, and its subsidiary bodies, involve as appropriate, representatives from a range of stakeholder communities (academia, funders, governments, international organisations and science assessments, development groups, business and industry, civil society and the media).

The work of these bodies is supported by the Future Earth Secretariat under the direction of the Future Earth Executive Director, Paul Shrivastava. The Secretariat coordinates the scientific projects and performs the day-to-day management of Future Earth, ensuring coordination across themes, projects, regions and committees, and liaising with key stakeholders.

The Future Earth Governing Council and Science and Engagement Committees have met several times since 2013. See the locations of these meeting sites here.