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Featured publications from the Urban Knowledge-Action Network include:

Future Earth Blog

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Got a suggestion for a blog post or have some content you’d like published? The Urban community accepts submissions from all its members. Please send submissions to Brenna Walsh at brenna.walsh@futureearth.org.

Field notes from CitiesIPCC: Days 1-3

First-hand accounts from this international event exploring the role that cities play in causing and solving climate change.

Envisioning climate-friendly cities

Leading researchers from the Future Earth community imagine how cities of the future might look.

Researchers lay out new path for science on cities and climate change

An international team calls for a network of "urban obervatories" to gather data on cities worldwide, and more.

What does climate change hold in store for European cities?

A new analysis examines how climate change could increase extreme weather in 571 European cities.

The new science of cities: Four reasons we need networked knowledge

Urban research should take inspiration from cities themselves, which are defined by their networks.

Powerful new dataset reveals patterns of global ozone pollution

A new report from the International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) project provides a comprehensive look at global ozone pollution levels.

Photo slideshow: Coping with climate change in the Middle East and North Africa

Take a visual tour of an exhibit examining how diverse cities are tackling complex global challenges.

Spotlight on SDG Labs: Trees grow in Kano

A new initiative in Nigeria’s second largest city taps young people to plant native tree species.

Grappling with inequality in food, energy and water research

Researchers need to better understand how issues of inequality play a role in access to natural resources.

Taking a holistic approach to air pollution and climate change

Policies must appreciate how air pollution and climate change overlap.

Responding to disaster: How poverty and vulnerability are linked in Mumbai

New research explores what makes some residents in Mumbai more vulnerable to hazards than others.

Life on the edge: An immersive experience

A new virtual reality experience takes viewers on a tour of a Brazilian favela called Gereba.

Future Earth launches a global network for urban research

Introducing the Urban Knowledge-Action Network.

What does it mean to live on an urban planet?

In this Q&A, Thomas Elmqvist discusses his new book, Urban Planet.

Science is critical for understanding the complexity of cities

In this Q&A, Timon McPhearson discusses how the rapid growth of cities calls for new push for urban research.

As more power flows to cities, what role for science?

C40's Seth Schultz talks about a new partnership forming between cities and science.

What role will science play in the future of cities?

Experts debate whether the world needs an international institution to assess and coordinate research on urban areas.

The time for science and cities to work together is now

In this Q&A, Debra Roberts discusses the growing role that science is playing in the devlopment of cities.