Urban Knowledge-Action Network Organisation

Marrakech, Morocco.

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The Urban Knowledge-Action Network is comprised of a series of key communities. They include the broad membership base, the Future Earth Secretariat, the Coordinating Committee the Advisors and the Task Teams.

Learn more about these roles and responsibilities below:


Membership in the Urban Knowledge-Action Network is free and open to all people and organisations committed to advancing urban sustainability. Our membership base plays a critical role in this network by:

  • Participating in the co-design and co-production of knowledge for action
  • Supporting and participating in projects, initiatives and events
  • Disseminating and advocating for key results, products and materials
  • Initiating connections and strategic collaborations with cities and society
  • Sharing and exchanging their work, experience and visions
  • Participating in webinars, training and capacity building sessions

To become a member of the Urban Knowledge-Action Network, join the Urban community on the Open Network powered by Future Earth. You can also:

Future Earth Secretariat

Future Earth is the host institution for the Urban Knowledge-Action Network. The Future Earth Secretariat supports members by:

  • Seeding and financially supporting core co-design projects
  • Applying for and redirecting funding to research
  • Producing synthesis reports of relevant research
  • Hosting and participating in conference and workshops
  • Creating and coordinating engagement products for the community

The Secretariat also works with Advisors and the Coordinating Committee to:

  • Enable network dynamics based on the Knowledge-Action Network’s Design Philosophy
  • Facilitate the development of a strategic plan for the Knowledge-Action Network and ensure quality control for activities and deliverables
  • Identify and curate synergies and collaborations among Future Earth’s  Global Research Projects and series of Knowledge-Action Networks

Coordinating Committee

The Coordinating Committee is comprised of an appointed set of experts who represent the diversity of voices and stakeholders within the network. In collaboration with others in the Urban Knowledge-Action Network, they volunteer a portion of their time to support the day-to-day life of the network by:

  • Finalising research and action plans in the network
  • Advising on project selection and the elaboration of the strategic plan
  • Setting up advisory committees for co-design teams as necessary

The coordinating committee meets once a month to discuss the strategic plan and to advise the agenda for Knowledge-Action Network engagement initiatives. Members of the Coordinating Committee sit for a term of three years. 


Advisors are experts in co-design and co-creation who volunteer their time to help lead and shepherd task teams across the Urban Knowledge-Action Network. They also play a large role in providing training and capacity building to members within the network.

The Knowledge-Action Network’s advisors provide guidance to support the overall health of the network by:

  • Supporting network analysis initiatives to inform engagement
  • Advising on co-design core projects and helping to establish advisory committees for co-design task teams
  • Participating in co-design projects as needed

Task Teams

Task Teams include members selected from the Urban Knowledge-Action Network based on their expertise, practice and research. They serve for brief amounts of time to support and develop core co-design projects.