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Future Earth interim Engagement Committee announced

Future Earth announced today the establishment of an interim Engagement Committee with seven members who will work on connecting Future Earth science with society.

Robert Watson will chair the committee, which will provide strategic guidance to Future Earth on how to engage stakeholders and ensure that the Future Earth science agenda is informed by user perspectives. It will also work on the establishment of the permanent Engagement Committee.

"Future Earth aims to provide the scientific knowledge needed for a sustainable world through trans-disciplinary research. We need an Engagement Committee to understand what the key research needs are for the full range of stakeholders," said Watson.

The main roles of the committee are to :

  • provide strategic advice from a user perspective on Future Earth research, engagement, and other activities;
  • support the initial implementation of Future Earth, in particular by supporting its work with stakeholders; and
  • develop recommendations on the roles and responsibilities of the Engagement Committee and advise on the establishment of the full Committee.

The interim committee will work closely with the Science Committee to develop the scientific agenda and ensure that co-design has a prominent role. It will also work with members of the Science and Technology Alliance and the interim Secretariat of Future Earth to develop the terms of reference for the permanent committee.

“It is absolutely vital for science to work in partnership with government, business and civil society to develop new perspectives and solutions to the great sustainability challenges in energy, climate, food, water and biodiversity. The interim Engagement Committee has a major role to play to ensure that Future Earth delivers on its ambitious agenda," said Frans Berkhout, Interim Director of Future Earth.

The full list of members is available.