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What we’re reading – December 2013

"The potential power of pro-sustainability innovation is staggering"

British green luminary Jonathan Porritt was impressed when he got round to doing the research properly, so he wrote a book about it.

"The reason we have oxygen to breathe is that there are fossil fuels in the ground"

Oliver Morton reflects by the fireside.

"A fabulous tool to clarify the complexity of the world"

The Millenium Project launched its digital global intelligence system.

"This is where the action is"

Helen Czerski in the Guardian on why oceanographers must go to sea, and doing science on board a ship.

"You need to trust your colleagues and their expertise"

Sci-Dev.Net explains how to collaborate effectively when disciplines and perspectives differ.

"Co-production is an ongoing process of learning"

Pacific Exchange describes a project which might be a model "research action arena" for Future Earth.

"A new era of energy innovation"

Daniel Yergin sketches three scenarios for energy and economy in 2030, in the New York Times.

"Young people are increasingly mindful of how their behaviour impacts the planet"

Ravi Kumar on a new generation ready to fight against climate change.

"A historic agreement that realizes a dream of many years"

Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority sign a new water sharing agreement, writes the Jerusalem Post.

"People do accept the existence of risk"

One of Tamsin Edwards’ nine lessons and carols in communicating climate uncertainty.

"We want to make sure our built environment is sustainable"

Yale Environment 360 on how Singapore has emerged as a model of green building.

"Enlarging the bounds of the human empire"

Tom Wright reviews a study of 19th century reflections on our impact on the global environment.

"Maybe it was something they served in the White House"

The Washington Post on Al Gore's apparent conversion to a vegan diet, emulating Bill Clinton.

“You can’t beat the climate, so you have to follow it”

The New York Times considers Britain's prospects for improved wine production in the 21st century.


December 19, 2013


Jon Turney



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