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PAGES (Past Global Changes) seeks nominations to Scientific Steering Committee

PAGES (Past Global Changes) supports science aimed at understanding the Earth’s past environment in order to make predictions for the future. PAGES' scope of interest includes the physical climate system, biogeochemical cycles, ecosystem processes, biodiversity, and human dimensions, on different time scales that reach back centuries to hundredthousands of years. PAGES facilitates activities that address past changes in the Earth System in a quantitative and process-oriented way in order to improve predictions of future climate and environment, and inform strategies for sustainability.

The Scientific Steering Committee is the body responsible for overseeing PAGES activities. Four new members are sought to fill the places of Immaculate Ssemanda, Chris Turney, Alan Mix, and Denis-Didier Rousseau, which will be vacant from January 2016 (see SSC membership history). Scientists who serve on the SSC normally do so for a period of 3 years, with the potential of renewing for an additional 3-year term.

By 2015/2016, it is envisioned PAGES will be operating under the Future Earth programme with active collaborations with the WCRP. Nominees should be familiar with the development of these programmes and be able to contribute positively to strengthening PAGES' position within this environment.

In seeking nominations, we are not only looking for scientific excellence and a high level of commitment to PAGES goals, but are also aiming to achieve a balance across disciplines, nationalities, gender and age.

The nomination guidelines are available at:

PAGES website

The deadline for nominations is 5 January 2015.