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Future Earth launches a survey on its Open Network

Future Earth aims to launch its Open Network in the first quarter of 2016. In order to refine its format and content, we created a survey for all interested and engaged parts of our community – and beyond. This is a first opportunity for everyone interested in Future Earth to get in touch and become part of the global system of sustainability research.

Take part in our short survey and get early access to the network.

In the last 18 months Future Earth has attracted huge interest from the research community and stakeholders worldwide asking how to engage with Future Earth. Traditionally, the global environmental change programmes have engaged researchers through joining scientific steering committees and participating in the suite of projects. This is still relevant – but Future Earth wants to offer more. We aim to create a larger, open, vibrant research community using the latest digital technology to allow our community to engage with one another, share ideas, build relationships, catalyse projects and discuss global sustainability science – the Future Earth Open Network. No such platform exists at present that delivers all these needs. But we are working with technology providers and potential partners to make it happen.
The Open Network will be one of the major foundations of Future Earth’s soon-to-be-launched Knowledge-Action Networks.

Everyone connected to the broad framework of sustainability – from research, civil society, policy making, private companies, and more – holds valuable input for us. 

Three minutes of your time will allow you to shape and sharpen the Open Network.