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Call for papers: 18th Annual BIOECON Conference

The organisers of the 18th Annual BIOECON Conference have announced a call for papers on new tools for successfully conserving biodiversity in areas around the world. The conference, which runs from September 14 to 16 at King's College, Cambridge, will welcome researchers and policy-makers. It is hosted by the London School of Economics (LSE), the Graduate Institute-Geneva (IHEID) and Cambridge University Department of Land Economy (UCAM). The organisers write:

The conference aims to present evidence on which instruments have worked and research on new instruments and incentive mechanisms that offer potential improvements or refinements on the existing toolkit. For instance, can conservation and environmental objectives be achieved via Conditional Cash/Social Transfers? How can Payments for Ecosystem Services be scaled-up from their current limited applications? What instruments can assist in conserving biodiversity as part of natural capital?

The conference invites submissions on a  range of themes. They include the role of behavioural economics in biodiversity conservation policy design and resources management, distribution, development and poverty alleviation. The event will also host two expert policy panels to join researchers with practicioners from an array of sectors.

Researchers and policy experts interested in proposing presentations or sessions, must submit complete papers by May 23. Event registration runs from June 7 to August 22. Biodiversity and Economics for Conservation (BIOECON) "is an interdisciplinary network aiming to advance economic theory and policy for biodiversity conservation."

You can learn more about the conference or get involved here.