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Call for papers: Transformations 2017 (Updated)

UPDATE: The deadline for abstract submissions has been moved from 2 September to 31 October.

Organisers of the conference "Transformations 2017: Transformations in Practice" have issued a call for papers. The conference will run from 30 August to 1 September 2017 at the University of Dundee in Scotland. Transformations 2017, the third conference in a biennial series, will focus on "addressing contemporary challenges and creating conditions for enhancing people’s wellbeing, today and in the future, while strengthening the Earth’s support system."

The conference seeks to bring together knowledge from a range of arenas and invites submissions from diverse researchers and practitioners. Those interested in participating can submit abstracts for "speed talks," or five-minute presentations, "transformative practice sessions" and workshops called "transformation labs," or T-Labs. In their announcement, the organisers write:

Greater cross-fertilization of transformation research and practice across different communities and across different strands of research is important. Transformations 2017 therefore seeks to bring together different kinds of knowledge to accelerate learning about, and help facilitate, fundamental changes in people-planet relationships.

The deadline for abstracts is 31 October 2016. Future Earth is a partner of Transformations 2017, and the Future Earth Transformations Knowledge-Action Network will run sessions during the conference. Other partners are the University of Dundee, the James Hutton Institute and the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience (CECHR).

You can find more information about the conference or how to submit abstracts here.