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Call for nominations: Scoping for IPCC special report on climate change and the oceans and the cryosphere

Future Earth will nominate experts for a scoping meeting around a special report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) on the “oceans and the cryosphere.” The meeting will be held during the week of 5 December 2016 in a venue still to be determined. The special report emerged from the 43rd Session of the IPCC, which took place in April in Nairobi, Kenya.

Participants in the scoping meeting will develop a draft scoping paper that will describe the objectives of the IPCC oceans and cryosphere report and will create an annotated outline and lay out a timeline for the effort. The panel will review the draft scoping paper during its 45th Session, which will run in March 2017.

As an IPCC observer organisation, Future Earth is able to nominate experts to participate in December’s scoping meeting. The programme is inviting members of the Future Earth Science and Engagement Committees, Secretariat, leaders of global research projects and Knowledge-Action Networks to propose themselves or colleagues as nominees.

The IPCC is seeking participants for the meeting that have expertise in a range of areas, including “global to regional variability and change in the cryosphere,” “cryosphere-bound ecosystems and human systems” and “risk assessments.”

For a complete list of the areas of expertise required for nominees, see the IPCC site here.

In selecting scoping meeting participants, the IPCC will give consideration to the following criteria: scientific, technical and socio-economic expertise, including the range of views; geographical representation; a mixture of experts with and without previous experience in IPCC; gender balance; experts with a background from relevant stakeholder and user groups, including governments.

To submit a nominee for consideration by Future Earth, fill out the application form here. Send in the completed form with a summary CV (maximum four pages) in English as a PDF to

Future Earth will then send all relevant and complete applications to the IPCC. Applications are due by 12 July at midnight CEST.

Please note that:

  • The work of the Scoping Meeting will be conducted only in English.
  • Future Earth will not provide financial support to nominees For nominees from developing countries and countries with economies in transition, travel support will be provided by the IPCC Trust Fund.

The list of developing countries, the list of countries with economies in transition and the list of developed countries can be found in this IPCC document.   

Please note that you can also be nominated by your country. To do so, you will have to contact the IPCC focal point of your country.