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Job openings: Three new faculty positions in Switzerland

The University of Zurich in Switzerland is seeking candidates to fill three positions in its Faculty of Science. The openings are for a Professor of Ecology, a tenure track Assistant Professor of Earth System Science and a non-tenure track Assistant Professor of Ecological Modelling. Each of the positions will focus on research exploring the interactions between global change and biodiversity.

For consideration, applicants must submit “a motivation letter, a full curriculum vitae, a vision statement of research and teaching interests outlining major unsolved problems and how they could be tackled and the names and addresses of three potential referees.” The deadline for all positions is 7 October.

From the announcement for a Professor of Ecology:

Applicants with interests in theory, experiments or field based observations to assess different ecological and evolutionary interactions generating and maintaining biodiversity, ecosystem function and their interactions with global change drivers are particularly encouraged to apply.

From the announcement for an Assistant Professor Tenure Track of Earth System Science:

Applicants with interests in interdisciplinary research between and amongst the Earth’s spheres focusing on theory, experiments, observations, or modeling to assess different interaction and feedback mechanisms on global change drivers  (including climate change and human dimensions) are encouraged to apply. Preference is given to candidates with a focus on more than one sphere, of which one is the biosphere.

From the announcement for an Assistant Professor of Ecological Modelling:

Applicants with interests in interdisciplinary research focusing on linking theory and data to understand feedbacks among environmental change, biodiversity, ecosystem processes and services are encouraged to apply.