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Respond to a new draft scoping report from IPBES

Future Earth is inviting participants in its networks to contribute to the programme’s response to a new draft scoping report from the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). The report, released earlier this month, covers a thematic assessment of the sustainable use of wild species. Future Earth will be sending a coordinated response to this report and will acknowledge, by name and institution, all contributors.

To meet the deadline for comments on the IPBES report, 2 October, Future Earth is requesting responses by 29 September.

For more information on this process and to see the draft document, please contact Christina Cook at

The goal of this report from IPBES is to “assess the status, trends, drivers and responses regarding biodiversity, ecosystem functions, ecosystem goods and services and their interlinkages.” From the report:

The assessments will analyse the state of knowledge on past, present and future interactions between people and nature, including by highlighting thresholds, feedbacks, synergies, and trade-offs. The timeframe of analyses will cover current status, trends (going back in time several decades) and future projections with a focus on periods ranging from 2020 to 2050…