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Call for pre-proposals: New research opportunity in Africa

The Belmont Forum and START have announced that they are seeking pre-proposals for a new research opportunity in Africa focusing on sustainable cities and food, water and energy (FWE) resources. The call is part of the Sustainable Urban Global Initiative (SUGI): Food-Water-Energy Nexus Collaborative Research Action, which seeks to "bring together the fragmented research and expertise across the globe to find innovative new solutions to the Food-Water-Energy Nexus challenge." The Collaborative Research Action is a joint effort of the Belmont Forum and the Joint Programming Initiative (JPI) Urban Europe.

The call for pre-proposals is open to African nationals working at institutions based in Africa. The deadline for submissions is 15 March 2017.

For more information about this research call or to submit a pre-proposal, see the application announcement here.

From the initial SUGI: Food-Water-Energy Nexus call:

Belmont Forum and JPI Urban Europe have partnered to ensure participants across physical, natural, social sciences and arts and humanities as well as policy and decision makers and stakeholders around the world.

The call topics will enable the participants to develop projects that aim to find solutions to the Food-Water-Energy nexus for a sustainable urbanisation. The goal is to rapidly evolve the knowledge base, advance indicators and assessment tools that are needed for a comprehensive understanding of the FWE nexus.

For questions, contact Jon Padgham or Sarah Schweizer.