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Call for nominations: IGAC and Global Land Programme Scientific Steering Committees

Two global research projects of Future Earth have announced that they are seeking new members to join their Scientific Steering Committees. International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) is looking for two experts to take on three-year terms beginning in January 2018. The Global Land Programme (GLP) will also select two members for three-years terms to start in June 2017. The projects invite leading scientists in their fields to help shape global research on atmospheric and land system science.

IGAC works to “facilitate atmospheric chemistry research towards a sustainable world” and focuses on three key activities: fostering community, building capacity and providing leadership.

According to the project:

IGAC’s priorities and activities are guided and, in many cases, implemented by an international volunteer Scientific Steering Committee (SSC). The committee is currently comprised of twenty research scientists from around the world. The IGAC International Project Office works with the SSC members and other members of the international atmospheric chemistry community to facilitate and coordinate atmospheric chemistry research towards a sustainable world.

The deadline to nominate an expert to the committee is 31 March 2017. You can see a list of current IGAC Scientific Steering Committee members or submit a name here.

The Global Land Programme is seeking researchers from a range of disciplines to join its Scientific Steering Committee. Among other tasks, committee members help to plan new research and science policy activities, synthesise research in land system science and engage diverse members of society in research.

From the announcement:

GLP represents the community of scientists working on land systems and aims to lead synthesis and knowledge production in the field, organize platforms for interaction between community members through workshops, conferences, online resources and social media, and plays a role in setting the science agendas for emerging land system research themes to better integrate the understanding of the coupled human-environment system.

The deadline for nominations to the Global Land Programme’s Scientific Steering Committee is 1 April 2017. To learn more about this opportunity or to submit your name, see the official announcement.