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New webinar on emerging narratives and transformation

This Friday, Future Earth will hold its sixth in a series of webinars on transformations to sustainability. The newest webinar will air on 9 June at 9:00 a.m. EDT and will focus on “Emerging metanarratives and transformation.” To view other webinars on transofrmation, visit the series page.

Registration is open to all. To join the discussion, fill out the online form here.

Event description:

Transformation involves the creation of dominant new orientations, structures, and ways of global understanding. A core part of this is developing new visions and narratives about the way the world does/should work. “Sustainable development” is part of this, but much more must be done to create the new meta-narrative to carry us through the epochal transition that is currently underway. This webinar brings together some people who are working on this process.

The speakers for the event are:

Hunter Lovins, Convener – Leading for Wellbeing (L4WB); President, Natural Capitalism Solutions: L4WB is developing a new narrative, which combines the science of who we are as humans with how we can organise, inspire people, drive change, shift corporate behaviour and change capital flows.

Rajiv Joshi, Director, B-Team: The B-Team is a radical business network. It has been in dialogue with many people during an eight-month investigation into how the B-Team can support the emergence of a new narrative, with particular respect to business.

Allen White, Vice President and Senior Fellow, Tellus Institute; Co-Editor, Great Transition Initiative journal ( The GTI represents a quarter century of work developing a new narrative with an online forum of ideas and an international network for the critical exploration of concepts, strategies and visions for a transition to a future of enriched lives, human solidarity and a resilient biosphere.