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UPDATE: Take a survey on making climate data more useful and transparent

The Partnership for Resilience and Preparedness (PREP) invites you to complete an online survey focusing on how climate and socioeconomic data can be more useful to people around the world. Future Earth is a leading partner in PREP, a collaboration between technology and visualisation companies, civil society organisations and public sector data providers. The partnership’s goal is to make climate data more accessible and transparent and to build a platform where communities struggling to adapt to climate change can work together.

You can learn more about PREP here.

The Data Prioritization Survey focuses on identifying the climate and socioeconomic datasets that are most critical to include in PREP’s work. It is open to the public and takes about 20 minutes to complete. Science translators, data analysts, scientists and science-policy experts who use data and information to develop climate risk assessments are especially encouraged to participate. The survey closes on 20 September 2017.

From the survey summary:

With climate change already upon us, a growing number of communities, companies, and civil society organizations are looking to assess climate impacts and vulnerability, and to develop resilience plans. Currently, efforts to turn data into actionable plans are constrained by limited access to robust, actionable data and information. Even when data and information exist, they are often difficult to access and use, because navigation is not intuitive. The PREP platform addresses these challenges by (1) promoting collaboration among producers and users of climate relevant data and information, (2) fostering standards to enhance accessibility and interoperability of data and information products, and (3) developing platforms that improves data accessibility and knowledge sharing.

For questions about this survey or PREP, contact Laura Satkowski at