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Double your impact for Anthropocene magazine

Anthropocene – Innovation in the Human Age, a digital, print and live magazine published by Future Earth, announces an exciting opportunity: From now until 31 December, Knight Foundation, Democracy Fund and MacArthur Foundation will match every individual membership to Anthropocene one-to-one. The membership drive is part of News Match, a campaign to support non-profit journalism.

Find out how you can become a member of Anthropocene and double your contribution today. Members receive print issues of the magazine delivered right to their doorstep.

Journalist Andy Revkin talks about Anthropocene magazine:

Anthropocene magazine brings together the world’s most creative writers, designers, researchers and entrepreneurs to explore how can create a sustainable human age we actually want to live in. Past issues delved into the innovative economies that have grown up around e-waste and have examined how Artificial Intelligence can revolutionise power grids.

“The constant focus on doom-and-gloom in science journalism can be demoralising,” says Joshua Tewksbury, Director of Future Earth’s Global Hub in Colorado and Executive Editor of Anthropocene. “At Anthropocene we try something different: Our conversations are not just about problems, but solutions that we can scale up around the world.”

The magazine also features a daily blog with updates from the world of sustainability science. Sign up for these free updates here.