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Watch the video: Get involved in knowledge in action

As 2018 kicks into gear, Future Earth invites you to get involved in a series of collaborative research networks. Our Knowledge-Action Networks bring together researchers and innovators from across policy, business, civil society and more – with the goal of building the knowledge and tools the world needs to tackle pressing challenges in sustainability.

In this video, leaders from the Future Earth community, including Cheikh Mbow, Ruth Wolstenholme, James Fahn, Xuemei Bai and Catherine Machalaba, talk about these exciting opportunities. They discuss how these networks are fostering a “marketplace of ideas for action” and why it’s critical for the research community to build wide-ranging dialogues with people and groups outside of academia.

The video also takes a deeper dive into our work on ocean sustainability, the future of cities and the links between planetary and human health.

Key quotes

“We’re starting from the point of what society’s needs are, so that societal actors – whether its government or NGOs, civil society – are framing what the issues are, what their needs are, and what we think the big challenges are that need to be addressed.”

– Ruth Wolstenholme, Managing Director, Sniffer

“The Knowledge-Action Network is trying to improve the way science is used by stakeholders, science is used by the private sector, by the citizens. It’s trying to have them concur in one objective, which is sustainability.”

– Cheikh Mbow, Executive Director, START

Get involved

Knowledge-Action Networks seek to bring together knowledge across scientific disciplines, geographic borders and sectors of society. As such, people and organisations from in an out of academia are welcome to share their expertise and skills with these networks.

To find out how you can contribute to these initiatives, contact a Knowledge-Action Network in your area of expertise by following the links below. You can also take part in discussions around the Knowledge-Action Network themes on the Open Network powered by Future Earth.