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International Conference on Cities and Climate Change – June 5 and 6, 2018. Mexico, UNAM

From June 5-6, 2018,  UNAM – Universidad Autonoma de Mexico will host the international conference "Cities and Climate Change: Science, Policy and Practice to Building together an Action Agenda" under the coordination of Dr Gian Carlo Delgado Ramos, Researcher at the CEIICH – Centro de Investigaciones Interdisciplinarias en Ciencias y Humanidades, aiming to partake in the construction of spaces for dialogue between academia, decision-makers and practitioners with the purpose of elucidating feasible routes for the advancement of a common action agenda for urban transition. 

The conference is framed as a legacy activity of the CitiesIPCC Conference held this March 2018 in Edmonton, Canada, which sought to inspire the development of border research on cities and climate change.

As such, the upcoming conference is a response to the current trend in which urban settlements are increasingly seen as key spaces to understand and address global ecological change, including climate change. 

The themes to be explored at the conference include:

  • Climate change implications on human settlements;
  • Urbanization and climate change: challenges and solutions;
  • Urban networks for facing climate change; 
  • Climate change policy-making at the local level; and
  • Coping climate change in Mexican urban settlements

Speakers include Gian Delgado and Roberto Sanchez from CitiesIPCC, representatives of Future Earth, Global Convent of Mayors for Climate and Energy, ICLEI World Secretariat, City of Copenhagen Government, and more.

More details can be found here: (available only in Spanish) and in the attached document below.  

Follow the conference on twitter: @ciudades_unam 

All Q&A of the conference will be through #ciudades_unam

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