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Top global sustainability papers: January to April 2019

For the first quarter of 2019, Future Earth has compiled a roundup of the top global sustainability research papers by Altmetric score. The score does not evaluate the calibre of the research but is a quick measure of science that gleaned the most media attention, through news, blogs, twitter, facebook and other mentions.

In the top spot, a paper concluding that the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine does not increase autism risk, yet the hypothesized link between the two continues to challenge vaccine acceptance (Annals of Internal Medicine).

Other media-snatching snippets within the top ten included; validation for the youth climate activist movement (Science), the continued decline of butterflies, bees and beetles (Biological Conservation), an exploration of the societal and political commonalities between malnutrition and climate change (The Lancet), and more evidence that the warming of the world’s oceans is contributing to rising sea levels, destruction of coral reefs and increased rainfall intensity (Science).

In our selection of the top sustainability articles, we were guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which recognize that eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, combating inequality within and among countries, preserving the planet, creating sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth and fostering social inclusion are linked to each other and are interdependent.

Read on for the top 30 list (Jan 1, 2019 – April 30, 2019) and see our 2018 review here.

The top 30 global sustainability articles for the first quarter of 2019, by Altmetric score

  1.   Measles, Mumps, Rubella Vaccination and Autism (March 2019) Annals of Internal Medicine. Altmetric Score: 8,448
  2. Health effects of dietary risks in 195 countries, 1990–2017: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017 (April 2019) The Lancet. Altmetric Score: 5,464
  3. Worldwide decline of the entomofauna: A review of its drivers (April 2019) Biological Conservation. Altmetric Score: 4,513
  4. Food in the Anthropocene: the EAT–Lancet Commission on healthy diets from sustainable food systems (February 2019) The Lancet. Altmetric Score:3,693
  5. Concerns of young protesters are justified (April 2019) Science. Altmetric Score: 3,440
  6. How will Brexit affect health services in the UK? An updated evaluation (March 2019) The Lancet. Altmetric Score: 3092
  7. The Global Syndemic of Obesity, Undernutrition, and Climate Change: The Lancet Commission report (February 2019) The Lancet. Altmetric Score: 2940
  8. How fast are the oceans warming? (January 2019). Science. Altmetric Score: 2778
  9. Four decades of Antarctic Ice Sheet mass balance from 1979–2017 (January 2019) PNAS. Altmetric Score: 2321
  10. Earth system impacts of the European arrival and Great Dying in the Americas after 1492 (March 2019) Quaternary Science Reviews. Altmetric Score: 2290
  11. Residential green space in childhood is associated with lower risk of psychiatric disorders from adolescence into adulthood (February 2019) PNAS. Altmetric Score: 2098
  12. High-performance medicine: the convergence of human and artificial intelligence (January 2019) Nature Medicine. Altmetric Score: 2094
  13. Extreme opponents of genetically modified foods know the least but think they know the most (January 2019) Nature Human Behaviour. Altmetric Score: 2067
  14. Synthetic glycolate metabolism pathways stimulate crop growth and productivity in the field (January 2019) Science. Altmetric Score: 1961
  15. Measles cases in Europe tripled from 2017 to 2018 (February 2019) British Medical Journal. Altmetric Score: 1933
  16. Global warming impairs stock–recruitment dynamics of corals (April 2019) Nature. Altmetric Score: 1931
  17. High extinction risk for wild coffee species and implications for coffee sector sustainability (January 2019) Science Advances. Altmetric Score:1873
  18. Amphibian fungal panzootic causes catastrophic and ongoing loss of biodiversity (March 2019) Science. Altmetric Score: 1808
  19. 19.Global, national, and urban burdens of paediatric asthma incidence attributable to ambient NO2 pollution: estimates from global datasets (April 2019) The Lancet. Altmetric Score: 1672
  1. China and India lead in greening of the world through land-use management (February 2019) Nature Sustainability. Altmetric Score: 1551
  2. Confirmation of black leopard (Panthera pardus pardus) living in Laikipia County, Kenya (January 2019) African Journal of Ecology. Altmetric Score: 1517
  3. Possible climate transitions from breakup of stratocumulus decks under greenhouse warming (February 2019) Nature Geoscience. Altmetric Score: 1468
  4. Trends in infant mortality in Venezuela between 1985 and 2016: a systematic analysis of demographic data (March 2019) The Lancet Global Health. Altmetric Score: 1460
  5. Emperors on thin ice: three years of breeding failure at Halley Bay (April 2019) Antarctic Science. Altmetric Score:1309
  6. Drivers of declining CO2 emissions in 18 developed economies (February 2019) Nature Climate Change. Altmetric Score: 1308
  7. Inequity in consumption of goods and services adds to racial–ethnic disparities in air pollution exposure (March 2019) PNAS. Altmetric Score: 1294
  8. Atmospheric transport and deposition of microplastics in a remote mountain catchment (April 2019) Nature Geoscience. Altmetric Score: 1289
  9. Human impact erodes chimpanzee behavioral diversity (March 2019) Science. Altmetric Score: 1284
  10. Key indicators of Arctic climate change: 1971–2017 (April 2019) Environmental Research Letters. Altmetric Score: 1243
  11. Microplastics in marine mammals stranded around the British coast: ubiquitous but transitory? (January 2019) Scientific Reports. Altmetric Score: 1226