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World Biodiversity Forum: Call for session and workshop proposals now open

Join us for the World Biodiversity Forum 2020 and explore the future of biodiversity.

The inaugural World Biodiversity Forum will bring together leading researchers, early career researchers, practi-tioners, representatives from different sectors, decision-makers and societal actors to have a conversation on the kind of future we want (and/or do not want) for biodiversity.

The Forum will provide a platform for exchange, covering a wide range of perspectives, and capturing a diversity of visions. With this, it aims to redefine and set the agenda for biodiversity as a focal point over the next 10 years.

Contributions to the Forum should:

  • Highlight the importance and benefits of biodiversity for human wellbeing, and the value of biodiversity research for society
  • Highlight the responsibility and accountability of the different sectors and societal actors in regard to the conservation of biodiversity
  • Identify what is needed to successfully implement/use current knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystem function.
  • Identify best practices for generation of products and services for different sectors and societal actors, including corporations.

Proposed sessions should cut across disciplines, cover a diversity of perspectives and visions and address cur-rent topics in novel ways. We accept proposals for thematic sessions and interactive workshops.

Deadline for submissions is the 21 July 2019.

Thematic Sessions

Sessions provide the platform to discuss topics of interest in an in-depth manner. The proposed ses-sions can take different forms, from the traditional scientific sessions with one key note and 4 – 6 addi-tional talks, 4 – 6 talks leading to an in-depth discus-sion of a specific topic, or a panel or round table dis-cussion involving 4 – 6 invited participants.

We encourage session proposals that examine the value of biodiversity for different sectors and the ex-isting/envisaged commitments of sectors, societal actors and policy to implement measures that pro-tect and conserve biodiversity, and lead to e.g. spe-cial issues in journals, journal articles, white papers, policy briefs, and more.


Workshops are interactive sessions and build on ac-tive participation of the audience. They foster net-working, facilitate interaction and contribute to skills development. Workshops can be conceived as training workshops, or as workshops to prepare e.g. a joint publication or a series of meetings around a specific topic.

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