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Integrated Risk Governance (IRG) Project Science Steering Committee (SSC) members met in Xi’ning, China

Science Steering Committee (SSC) meeting of the Integrated Risk Governance (IRG) Project was held in Xi’ning, Qinghai, China, a city near the famous beautiful Qinghai Lake, on 11 July, 2019. Hosted by Qinghai Normal University, Academy of Plateau Science and Sustainability, the SSC meeting was preceded by a visioning meeting and followed by International Symposium of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) on Plateau and Chinese DRR conference.

IRG Project was officially launched in 2011, and its current scientific plan (2016-2020) clarifies that understanding the mechanism of systemic risk is the core scientific issue, and that the coastal zones are the key research areas. Co-chaired by Professors Shi Peijun and Carlo Jaeger and managed by Professor Ye Qian, Executive Director, IRG Project aims to provide scientific and technological support services to achieve the objectives of the UN Sendai Framework, publishes International Journal of Disaster Risk Science ( and presents at various international conferences related to DRR and other systemic risks. Prof. Ye is also a Development Team member of Knowledge-Action Network on Emergent Risks and Extreme Events (Risk KAN).

At the SSC meeting, they discussed on Project’s Phase III plan, in particular, on ongoing and new international researches, the structure and design of international forum on “Green Development and Integrated Risk Governance: Review of the United Nations Disaster Reduction 30 Years” to be held on October 13-14, 2019 in Shenzhen, China, and on Working Group papers for reviewing UNDRR 30 years. They also discussed on the contribution from IRG Project to Risk KAN, by leading one of the KAN’s Working Group on Low Elevated Coastal Zones and Cities.

The SSC members also proposed research projects for Asia and provided valuable and constructive suggestions to cross-cutting researches, narrative shaping and field building activities of Future Earth.

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