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Take Our Global Risks Scientists’ Perception Survey

Future Earth is conducting a Global Risks Scientists’ Perception survey. Understanding global risks is critical for effective and responsive management, planning, and governance across sectors and around the world. For the past 14 years, the WEF Global Risk annual report has captured global risk perceptions of leaders from business, economics, and government (the Global Risks Report). These reports have been influential in shaping current dialogues and framings of global risk. With this survey, we seek to complement this important work with an international analysis of scientists’ perceptions and knowledge base on global risks.

We seek informed thinkers across scientific disciplines and institutional types to participate in this survey. The goal of this survey is to spark dialogue, build the needed multi-sectoral community working toward solutions to global risks, and identify knowledge gaps. Through future iterations of the survey, we aim to not only enrich these discussions, but to move the narrative towards solutions and risk mitigation.

Your contribution will ensure a rounded and diverse perspective on this important topic.

More information and to take the survey, please visit: 


September 18, 2019


Future Earth Staff Member