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Call for Proposals: SDG Labs on Biodiversity-Based Solutions to Sustainability Challenges

We invite researchers, innovators, and change-makers to propose SDG Labs on biodiversity-based solutions to sustainability challenges for the International Conference on Sustainability Science (ICSS) 2020.

This is a separate call from the call for session proposals for Sustainability Innovation and Research 2020.

Biodiversity SDG Labs

The biodiversity-based SDG Labs are intended to bring together participants from a range of research disciplines and sectors of society to develop solutions to complex problems that help to make progress towards implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG Labs concept aims to initiate processes towards sustainability transformations through developing prototype solutions that apply biodiversity as a source of innovation while the biodiversity itself is being preserved for future generations. Such innovations may be social, ecological, institutional, technological, or even innovations in business models or a combination of the above. The aspiration of the SDG labs is that they plant seeds of change that can grow and spread, inspire and provide knowledge for transformation on a greater scale.

SDG Labs are based on the social innovation lab concept developed by Frances Wesley and colleagues at the University of Waterloo for the Rockefeller Foundation, and based on earlier lab concepts. Social Innovation Labs have been used around the world to catalyze change. Future Earth has further evolved the concept with the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and together we funded 21 SDG Labs as part of the 2017 International Conference on Sustainability Science. You can learn more about these labs on the conference website.

Application: Deadline November 17th, 2019

To submit learn more about SDG Labs and submit the application please visit our homepage.


For more information about this call, contact Dr. Marcin Jarzebski, Science Officer at Future Earth.