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Register for SRI2020: Be Part of the Global Sustainability Transformation

Early-bird registrations are now open for the Sustainability Research & Innovation Congress 2020, the world’s first transdisciplinary gathering in sustainability.

Taking place  in Brisbane, Australia from June 14-17, SRI2020 is the first in an annual event series to unite global leaders, experts, industry and innovators to inspire action and promote a transformation in sustainability.

SRI2020 will be a unique opportunity for diverse audiences to connect with the global sustainability community, learn about the latest sustainability science, create novel networks and partnerships, explore new ideas, gain visibility, inspire and be inspired. The congress will be a space of fierce advocacy for sustainability scholarship and innovation, collaboration and action.

“We are bringing together not just scientists, but private sector, government, non governmental organisations, practitioners, and researchers from diverse disciplines including the social sciences and humanities who have a lot to offer the sustainability space but don’t always get a platform to do that,” says Professor Paul Bertsch, Interim Queensland Chief Scientist.

“We’re incorporating members of the general public and the arts in as many ways as we possibly can. SRI2020 will really bridge the gap between scientific research and application to demonstrate the extraordinary work happening across the world to address the world’s biggest challenges.”

The event agenda will feature an array of influential speakers from both Australia and abroad, along with dynamic sessions that are designed to bring together audiences and speakers for dialogue and exchange.

“It was important to us to create an event that is more than just a conference or meeting; we want to facilitate collaboration and connect people to support a vibrant, diverse and growing sustainability community,” says Tayanah O’Donnell, Director of Future Earth Australia.

“We want people to walk away from the event not only feeling inspired but being empowered to take action.”

Australia, who hosts this year’s Congress, plays a unique role in the global community as a conduit between the Global North and the Global South.

Queensland’s riverside capital city, Brisbane, was chosen as the host city for its unique mixture of world-class sustainability scholarship, green innovation, cross-sectoral engagement and inclusive dialogue. Just a short flight from the Great Barrier Reef, close to the Great Dividing Range, and Queensland’s Outback, Brisbane city is a central point for exploring Australia’s unique and diverse ecosystems.

“It will be wonderful to have everyone here in our country and show off not just our beautiful geography, but also how we go about doing research here – the breadth of disciplines that are involved in sustainability and how productive we are,” adds Tayanah.

SRI2020 is convened by the Belmont Forum and Future Earth. The local hosting consortium includes the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Griffith University, James Cook University, the Queensland University of Technology, the University of the Sunshine Coast and the University of Queensland.

The event is generously sponsored by the International Science Council, the French National Research Institute for Development and UNESCO.