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Take Our Rapid Foresight Survey, COVID-19: Where Do We Go From Here?

With the COVID-19 health crisis, the world is experiencing unprecedented disruption to daily lives and to the social, economic, and governance systems that support them. While the immediate priority is to protect the most vulnerable populations and sectors, we – as a global society – must not overlook the opportunities that crises can provide to re-imagine and rebuild our future.

To this end Future Earth, the Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Environment, and partners seek to spark critical reflection on the challenges, but also the opportunities, that this global crisis presents through a rapid foresight survey. At this early stage, we believe it could be helpful to start considering:  What are the biggest opportunities for transformation to a more resilient, equitable, and sustainable world? How do we want the economy, society, and governance to evolve? How can we most effectively leverage the digital sector for managing global risks, while managing potential threats to privacy, equity, and democratic rule?

We invite you to take our 15-minute survey and share your perspectives on issues critical to building forward from this crisis.  Your input will contribute to what will soon emerge as a global conversation on Where we go from here?