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Webinar: This Changes Everything – Sustainability Science in a Post-COVID-19 World

TUESDAY, 12 MAY 2020   |   12:00 – 1:30PM PST (Los Angeles)

Impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic are reverberating around the globe. With over 3.5 million confirmed infections and more than 250,000 deaths worldwide, the novel coronavirus outbreak has revealed major gaps between the realm of sustainability science—a field encompassing a variety of disciplines that study the interactions between natural and social systems—and policy makers.

To explore how scientists can help overcome these gaps, as well as the surprising ways the ongoing crisis is affecting other sustainability issues, the Earth Leadership Program organized a special webinar on the role of sustainability science in a post-COVID-19 world. Featuring past fellows, the conversation also touched on the ways recovery packages can be leveraged to accelerate sustainability transformations.

About the Earth Leadership Program

The Earth Leadership Program, a new venture of Future Earth, will provide outstanding academic researchers with skills and approaches needed to catalyze change and address the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges. The new program is an evolution of the prestigious Leopold Leadership Program, which launched in 1999 and helped guide more than 200 pioneering fellows to better address complex, real-world environmental issues. After more than 20 years of supporting engaged academics, these successes are being scaled up into a global program designed to help a new generation of science leaders work through a transdisciplinary framework to transform scientific knowledge into action and impact.


Alan Townsend
Patricia Romero-Lankao
Jonathan Patz
Lisa Graumlich


Sharon Collinge