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Johan Rockström on The Global Resilience Imperative

“This century will be characterized by speed, scale, connectivity, and surprise, with global pandemics, climate chaos, deforestation, and mass extinctions of species invariably interacting with and reinforcing one another. If today’s short-term measures to reopen economies do not promote long-term economic resilience through effective governance of the global commons, the next disaster will be only a matter of time.

That is because we face a new risk landscape, of which COVID-19 is merely the latest manifestation. That landscape defines our current geological epoch, the Anthropocene, in which humanity is the dominant force and source of pressure on the planet.”

The Global Resilience Imperative – Project Syndicate Op-Ed by Ottmar Edenhofer and Johan Rockström, Co-Chair of Future Earth’s Advisory Committee and Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

15 March 2019, Greece, Athen: Students hold “System Change Not Climate Change” signs at a “Fridays for Future” rally against climate change. More than 1650 demonstrations in around 100 countries worldwide are expected on this day. Photo: Socrates Baltagiannis/dpa (Photo by Socrates Baltagiannis/picture alliance via Getty Images)