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Open Call: Finance and Economics Knowledge-Action Network (KAN)

The Finance and Economics Knowledge-Action Network (KAN) invites interested researchers/professionals to its Development Team and Advisory Group.

Click here to apply by 30th June 2020

We envision a Knowledge-Action Network having a representation of diverse stakeholder communities, balancing its membership across world regions, and embracing Future Earth’s systemic vision. With the Finance and Economics KAN, we aim to move beyond the crisis of the economics discipline with methodological and conceptual innovations, e.g. moving beyond the division between micro- and macro-economics with data- and model-driven approaches, considering the complexity and heterogeneity of the real world with a focus on its inequalities, driving the production of relevant data and experiments on complex issues, setting ethical standards for business and financial governance, and informing solutions and pathways towards sustainability across different sectors and regions.

The Development Team has the responsibility to develop a strategic research plan, produce relevant research content, support research co-production and action, represent the Knowledge-Action Network at events such as conferences, workshops, or others, develop cross-cutting processes and activities, propose and approve projects and working groups, develop and update the strategy for the Knowledge-Action Network, support funding applications, conduct outreach, and develop a governance plan based on the principles of Future Earth for the continued operations and establishment of a Steering Committee. In addition, the Development Team will be responsible for representing the Knowledge-Action Network within Future Earth wide events, reporting on election processes, reporting on planned and ongoing activities, and managing the contribution of the Knowledge-Action Network community to Future Earth wide convenings.

The Advisory Group’s role is to advise the Development Team on its duties and decisions, support funding applications and other development for the establishment and execution of the Knowledge-Action Network’s activities. The Advisory Group will contribute to widening the expertise and geographical representation of the Development Team.