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Racial Justice and Social Equity Must Be at the Center of the Sustainability Agenda

The mass protests against racism across the United States and around the world demand critical reflection on the dangerous biases embedded within every aspect of our social, economic, and political livesincluding within our own scientific institutions.

Future Earth’s mission is to accelerate transformations to global sustainability through research and innovation. We recognize that unless we place racial justice and social equity at the center of our efforts to protect people and the planet, we will not achieve our goals of resilience and sustainability for all.

We, the Executive Team, are committed to working with the Future Earth research networks to address systemic discrimination and inequities in the global sustainability science community. Importantly, this also means taking steps to ensure that underrepresented voices are more included in Future Earth’s agenda-setting and decision making.

This effort will require creativity and courage from the whole of our community, and so we ask for your own reflections below. Your perspectives on this imperative issue will help guide concrete steps for our organization in the weeks and months ahead.


Amy Luers
Executive Director

Fumiko Kasuga
Director, Japan Hub

Josh Tewksbury
Director, USA Hub

Sandrine Paillard
Director, France Hub

Wendy Broadgate
Director, Sweden Hub

What actions should the Future Earth community take to drive systemic change in racial justice and social equity?