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Josh Tewksbury: Why Science is at the Heart of the Covid-19 Crisis

“The world is failing to address the structural risks that made a pandemic like COVID-19 nearly inevitable. Unplanned urbanization around the globe has pushed millions of people up against the wild of nature, creating growing hotspots for the emergence of zoonotic disease. Governments within advanced and developing countries alike have focused too little on the resilience and sustainability of their societies, and far too much on a narrow band of economic markers for a variant of capitalism blindly pursuing growth. The destabilization of vital planetary systems is bringing compounding consequences we are only beginning to understand, from viral pathogens and biodiversity collapse to climate change and the acidification of our oceans.”

Information Flows – Medium Op-Ed by Josh Tewksbury, Interim Executive Director at Future Earth

Amazon fires in August 2019
Satellite imagery of slash-and-burn fires and smoke clouds in the Amazon rainforest during August 2019. Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon rose 55 percent during the first four months of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. Credit: ESA