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Pre-announcement: Call for Expressions of Interest to Join the Future Earth Secretariat

The Future Earth Governing Council is pleased to pre-announce an opportunity to join the Future Earth Global Secretariat. On February 1, 2021, a call for expressions of interest to host a Global Secretariat Hub will open to institutions from any country or region that work to promote global sustainability science and that seek to support Future Earth’s global mission. 

These calls align with a broader transition process of Future Earth, following an external review, and are aimed at increasing the effectiveness, accessibility and reach of this dynamic global network. The new Global Secretariat Hubs will work together to support integrative, holistic and synergistic activities, including outreach and liaison capacity across the Future Earth network and beyond, strengthening science-policy interfaces and managing the Secretariat’s core functions: Facilitating Research and Innovation; Coordination and Operations/Finance; Networks and Regions; Communications and Engagement.

The call for expressions of interest invites potential host institutions and partners to indicate their interest in investing the effort and resources required to host a Future Earth Global Secretariat Hub, and to provide essential information on their potential contributions, as well as any constraints. Global Secretariat Hubs are free to establish consortium funding models involving multiple revenue sources and spanning multiple countries in a region. 

Hosting a Future Earth Global Secretariat Hub will offer:

  • Increased national and international visibility, connectivity, and impact for the sustainability science community within the country / region 
  • Direct reciprocal access to Future Earth global resources (structures, platforms, partner networks, communications, knowledge and expertise) and programs
  • An executive seat in Future Earth, integration with a  global secretariat staff, as well as representation in the Future Earth governance.
  • Capacity to shape Future Earth’s collective input into national, regional and global sustainability science-policy platforms and processes (including UNEA, HLPF, UNFCCC, CBD, etc.).
  • Better access to national and international public and private funding, leveraged through integration into an international program.

To help coordinate the work of the Global Secretariat Hubs and support the Future Earth community, Future Earth will simultaneously open a call to host a single Central Coordination Hub. This office will be in charge of the key global coordination work across the Future Earth community including governance support and will host the new Executive Director. More information about the Central Coordination Hub as well as the other new structures of Future Earth will be released in the coming weeks.