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Global Risks Perceptions Initiative seeks a diversity of scientific voices on risk

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed society’s weak understanding of global risks. Addressing this gap means hearing from a broader diversity of voices on the likelihood, impact, and linkages between multiple  risks. 

The Global Risks Perceptions Initiative is calling for nominees to join a growing community of scientists working on global risks. This community will be asked to share their views in a June 2021 survey, developed in partnership with Future Earth, the International Science Council, and Sustainability in the Digital Age.

“I have been engaged with the Global Risks Scientists’ Perceptions survey since its inception in 2019, and never has this type of work been so relevant. After a year where the importance of global-scale risks became apparent to every one of us, I am eager to launch the 2021 survey and continue to spark a range of dialogues on risks.” 

– Dr. Maria Ivanova, Associate Professor of Global Governance and Director of Center for Governance and Sustainability, McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston

All scientists with expertise in environmental, societal, geopolitical, technological, or economic risks are invited to be nominated or to self-nominate by 30 May 2021 via an online form

“Through the Global Risks Scientists’ Perceptions survey, we are engaging in important work to better understand how scientists around the world perceive risk and to elevate these perceptions in international dialogues. Ultimately the desired impact is global change towards a lower risk sustainable status. I am excited to help this initiative grow and to work with the team of Advisors to expand the diversity of perspectives represented.”

– Dr. Terrence Forrester, Professor of Experimental Medicine, UWI Solutions for Developing Countries, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica

The 2021 edition of the Global Risks Scientists’ Perception survey is designed specifically to complement the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual Global Risks Report, which reports on risk perceptions of leaders from business, economics, and government. This work is more relevant now than ever to spark dialogue, identify knowledge gaps, and support the growth of a multi-sectoral community working toward solutions to global risks.

Please share the nomination link widely, and submit your own nominations, by May 30, 2021.


May 14, 2021


Future Earth Staff Member



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