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Host the 2023 Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress!

Future Earth and the Belmont Forum are seeking a host interested in developing the third edition of the renowned Sustainability Research and Innovation Congress (SRI2023). Join us and shape an innovative transdisciplinary discussion space together to unite global thought leaders, experts, industries, and innovators to inspire action and promote a sustainability transformation!

SRI2023 is the global crossroads for innovation and action, funding and development, communities and corporations, allowing the host to strengthen their global profile and demonstrate leadership in the rapidly evolving sustainability space. To host SRI is to host the leading global platform for sustainability science and innovation. The first SRI Congress which took place in June 2021 in Brisbane, Australia and online, brought together 700 speakers and 2,000 participants from 100 countries. Building on the success of SRI2021, SRI2022 is expected to engage an even broader global audience onsite and online in Pretoria, South Africa in June 2022. We are off to a fantastic start for SRI2022, with over 200 session proposals and growing anticipation for the Idea Market and innovation demonstrations.

In addition to showcasing the latest science and innovation, we are committed to societally relevant action and moving the needle in sustainability. Together with our host, we will develop a powerful hybrid transdisciplinary gathering that offers both online and onsite engagement, as well as training and inspiration by leading experts. SRI promotes an ambitious agenda for elevating the sustainability sector globally.

Hosts should demonstrate experience in organizing international convenings and possess the capacity to provide an onsite venue accessible to 500-1000 attendees from around the world for a 3-day event, with multiple side meetings before and after. As virtual participation will be a key driver of SRI2023, the hosts are also expected to provide facilities that enable interactive online engagement at scale.

Hosts will play a key role in designing and facilitating the meeting, and engaging local sponsors and partners. In addition, hosts are expected to provide dedicated support to one full- or part-time staff person. SRI2023 will take place in June 2023.

Hosting applications will be accepted until April 30, 2022. For questions, please contact Veera Mitzner at

What are the advantages of hosting SRI2023?

This Congress will be a timely opportunity to:

  • Showcase the leadership of your nation, region, city, company, or organization in sustainability research and innovation to the world stage
  • Meet and engage in substantial conversations with international donors to leverage your investments in international calls
  • Exchange with other actors to fine-tune your mechanisms to maximize global impact of research and innovation
  • Empower your community to build skills, audiences, and support for sustainability-forward action
  • Ensure you have a seat in discussions shaping global research and innovation agendas and global environmental governance processes.
Hosting the first SRI2021 Congress provided an opportunity to catalyse the establishment of an Australian community of practice (CoP) in sustainability research and innovation across research organisations, government, NGOs, and industry which has sustained well beyond the Congress. Hosting the Congress also facilitated the linkage to other global networks and CoPs and raised broad awareness of the sustainable development goals and ongoing activities around promoting sustainability both locally and globally. --Dr. Paul Bertsch, Director of Science/Deputy Director, CSIRO; Co-host of SRI2021

Selection Process

An external review committee will select the Congress host according to the following selection criteria:

  • Bid capacity: Direct co-funding amount, degree, experience, and breadth of support staff for the event; Capacity to fundraise and engage local and regional sponsors
  • Location and venue: Degree to which location represents, or is attractive to a knowledge to action sustainability community representing a breadth of sectors and knowledge holders at national, regional or global scales; accessibility for an international audience (proximity to an international airport)
  • For consortia applications: Breadth of consortia and the contributions of the consortia members to the Congress; Solidity and specificity of the management plan for a globally distributed meeting
  • Sustainability and innovation: Commitment and capacity to deliver an event that embodies sustainability in all aspects, and capacity to explore and support next generation conferencing
  • Community and Connection: Host capacity to create connections across communities and between sectors (academic, innovation, private sector, public sector, civil society), as well as create synergies between global events and policy processes.

An MOU will be signed between the organizers and the winner(s).The winner(s) of this competition will be announced at SRI2022 in June 2022. Proposals led by commercial meeting organizers will not be considered.

Originally published on SRI2022.