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Future Earth Members Selected as Experts for IPCC Special Report on Cities

Future Earth is proud to announce that several of our members have been chosen by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as experts to draft an outline of the Special Report on Climate Change and Cities. Prof. Xuemei Bai, a Future Earth member among those chosen, noted in a recent Expert Voices article for Science:

“Cities are home to 57% of the world’s population, responsible for over 70% of global consumption–related carbon emissions and contributing to over 80% of gross domestic product in many countries…Expectations are high that this upcoming special report will substantially enhance awareness, shape policy, and catalyze actions across mitigation and adaptation within cities and beyond.”

Full list of the selected Future Earth members:

  • Xuemei Bai
  • Taikan Oki
  • Debra Roberts
  • Seth Schultz
  • Şiir Kilkis (also Vice Chair of IPCC Working Group III and will serve on the Scientific Steering Committee of the Scoping Meeting).
  • Cathy Oke
  • Patricia Romero-Lankao

The experts have been invited to a scoping meeting set for April in Latvia. The draft outline will be submitted to the panel for approval before the author teams can be selected to work on the report.

More information on the call