National Committee for Global Change Research brings the new global change initiative, Future Earth, to Finland. The new National Committee engages both scientists and end-users of scientific knowledge to design research on solutions for sustainable development.

Future Earth Finland aims to tackle questions on global change and sustainable development from an integrated, interdisciplinary perspective and to ensure that research is planned and produced in a close partnership with the society and end-users of science. These objectives are reflected in the Steering Group of the National Committee, which consists of high-level scientists across different disciplines and end-users of science from the most central stakeholder groups. Committee members represent natural and social sciences, ministries and municipalities, industry, and economic stakeholders. The secretariat of the National Committee is located at the University of Helsinki.

In addition to advancing understanding of global change and sustainability issues, Future Earth aims also to contribute to practical solutions. However, implementing solutions and adapting them to local needs requires a close understanding of local factors and close collaboration among local scientists, decision-makers, and other stakeholders. National bodies, such as the National Committees, are necessary to build the required connections between all relevant operators and to translate the international scientific objectives to local narratives. The work of National Committees is further supported by their regional networks, such as the European Alliance of Global Change Research Committees.


Markku Kulmala

Chair, Future Earth Finland