The German Committee Future Earth acts as independent, research advisory board to national research funders as well as a national platform for global sustainability researchers.

The “German Committee Future Earth” succeeds the “German National Committee for Global Change Research (NKGCF)” that made it possible for Germany to take on a leading role in the field of integrated research.

The German Committee Future Earth acts as the national representative for international relationships, developments and activities, and provides support for interdisciplinary and integrated research. Furthermore, the German Committee identifies relevant research topics within a national as well as international context.

In this regard, the German Committee encourages the collaboration between natural and social sciences, the humanities and engineering to advance research activities that help shape the pathways for a global sustainable society, to find a systematic approach for problems and to generate societal relevant knowledge. The dialogue between stakeholders from politics, economy and society, as well as the integration of their knowledge is a crucial part of Future Earth research activities.


Daniela Jacob

Chair DKN Future Earth

Sebastian Sonntag

Executive Director DKN Future Earth