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Charlotte Louise Jensen

Charlotte Louise Jensen is a post-doctoral researcher at Aalborg University in Denmark. She has obtained a M.Sc. in innovation and environmental management from the Technical University in Denmark, and holds a PhD in sociology of technology, consumption and transition from Aalborg University. Charlottes work and research interests are on exploring links between consumption and production patterns and environmental and social implications thereof, as a dynamic and intertwined process. Her PhD research evolved around exploring the socio-technical transition of light in Denmark, and its implications in and of energy consumption, everyday life, households and professional practices. Currently, Charlotte is engaged in a project exploring opportunities for developing circular economic business models. The project takes on a critical approach to the popular circular economy concept, by exploring the role of practices and contexts in developing circular business models, in partnership with a number of Danish companies. Charlotte has, in her short career span, already had several research exchanges to international research institutions and universities in the UK and in France. She is (together with Dr. Chris Foulds) the co-founder of the early career research network ‘Practices, the Built Environment and Sustainability’ (PBES) that developed an internationally renowned Thinking Note Collection. A number of critically acclaimed researchers within the field of practice theory and consumption studies responded to the Thinking Note Collection in an invited collection of Responses to the Thinking Note Collection. Charlotte teaches and supervises students from two (bachelor and master) programmes at Aalborg University, School of Engineering and Science; Sustainable Design and Techno-Anthropology, both of which are highly trans-disciplinary in scope and approach.

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