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Future Earth

Geoffrey Mwangi Wambugu

I am a Lecturer at Karatina University in Kenya, a researcher of Ecology, an Environmental Consultant and an Environmental Impact Assessment Lead Expert. My principal activities include teaching at the university; ecological research in the East African Region; and advising development projects on environmental matters. I completed my PhD at the University of Nairobi, Kenya, in 2018. I am engaged with Future Earth as an early career professional, where I have been involved in several activities. These include: co-organizing a workshop on Natural Capital and related concepts in Bern, Switzerland; Developing a common definition of the term “Natural Assets” for Future Earth’s Natural Assets KAN; and co-authoring a paper that aimed at framing Natural Assets research agenda for the Natural Assets KAN. Most of these activities, including travel, are supported by Future Earth through its various hubs.

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