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Future Earth

Maitreyi Murali

Science Officer - Sustainable Communities

Maitreyi Murali works in the Future Earth South Asia Regional Centre as an Urban Planner involved in the Centre's FAWH (Food Air Water Health) on-ground pilot programmes. She will also be supporting few functions of the Secretariat. Maitreyi discovered the world of art in middle school. This tryst with art led her to stumble upon the world of architecture and buildings. She was ecstatic to be able to build something for someone else, and it offered her a means to make a difference in her own modest manner. This pushed her to enroll in the School of Architecture & Interior Design at SRM University, from where she pursued her Bachelor’s in Architecture. For her thesis project, she designed an Art city with the objective to interweave art into the fabric of human life. Post her bachelor’s, she decided to focus her attention on urban planning and policy design. The reason behind Maitreyi’s drive to make a career in this field came from her belief in the need to design holistic cities. Cities were becoming dull, concrete jungles instead of being centres of holistic progress. The two and half years she spent at Politecnico Di Milano studying Urban Planning & Policy Design has equipped her to be at the forefront of this intervention. Maitreyi has been involved in a variety of extracurricular activities since she was a child. She and her team received the prestigious NARI GANDHI Trophy, organized by the National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA), during her college years. She has always enjoyed a variety of hobbies, such as athletics, the arts, and reading. Tennis, swimming, and reading have always been close to her heart and provided her with consolation during her challenging times.