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Zaw Naing

Managing Director, Mandalay Technology, Advisory Board Member, CVT Coordinating Board Member, GEGG and AIGE, Myanmar

Dr. Zaw Naing is the Managing Director of Mandalay Technology in Myanmar and has a number of professional affiliations. He is a Registered Engineer at the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO) and Associate Fellow, ASEAN Academy of Engineering and Technology. He is a Consultant for the Global Information and Communication Technology Department, World Bank, Washington DC, USA, and a member of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC) and the Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD). He is a visiting fellow at the Center for Global Change and Earth Observation (CGCEO) and Center for Advanced Studies on International Development (CASID). He is a Joint-Secretary of the Myanmar Computer Professionals Association (MCPA) and Vice President of the Myanmar Business Executives (MBE) Association. He is Joint-Auditor of Myanmar Oil and Gas Services Society (MOGSS) and he is also a member of the Industrial Development Task Force, MES, and of the Myanmar Earthquake Committee. Dr. Naing is the National Team Leader of the Integrated Water Resources Management Study for the National Water Resources Committee of Myanmar and a Collaborator on Urbanization and Sustainability under Global Change and Transitional Economies: Synthesis from Southeast, East and North Asia (SENA). He is the Country Coordinator for Myanmar at the Asian Science Camp. He is a Board Member of the Green Economy Green Growth (GEGG), Coordinating Board Member of the ASEAN Institute of Green Economy (AIGE) and Coordinator of National and Regional TVET Conferences and Exhibition. He is also the Founder and General Secretary of Zanaka Education Foundation, and Vice President of the Infrastructure Working Group of Myanmar Business Forum (Jointly Organized by ADB and UMFCCI). He is a National Consultant for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, National Export Strategy (2020-2025), International Trade Center (ITC) in Myanmar. Dr. Naing completed his B.E. in Electronics from Yangon Institute of Technology and his M.B.A. from Yangon Institute of Economics. He was a Humphrey Fellow at the Michigan State University, U.S.A in 2008-09 and completed his Ph.D., from the National Institute of Development Administration, Thailand, in 2018.

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