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4th iLEAPS Science Conference: Terrestrial ecosystems, atmosphere, and people in the Earth system

Date: March 31, 2014

iLEAPS, a core project of IGBP (International Geosphere-Biosphere Program), is an interdisciplinary research programme aimed at improving understanding of processes, linkages and feedbacks in the land-atmosphere interface.

The objective is to study how interacting physical, chemical, and biological processes transport and transform energy and matter through the land-atmosphere interface and interaction with human activities.

The conference theme is “Terrestrial ecosystems, atmosphere, and people in the Earth System”. Sessions are as follows:

1. Influence of land use and land cover changes on atmospheric chemistry and on the exchange of reactive compounds
Conveners: Laurens Ganzeveld, Kirsti Ashworth

2. Physical, chemical and biological processes regulating the tropical forest interface with the atmosphere
Conveners: Paulo Artaxo, Alex Gunther, Andi Andreae and Hugh Coe

3. Biogenic emission of reactive gases from terrestrial and marine sources
Conveners: Dan Yakir, Ilan Koran, Yinon Rudich, Tanja Suni, Emilie Brevière, Megan Melamed, Greg Foster, Leonor Tarrason

4. Extreme events and environments
Conveners: Francesco Loreto, Dan Yakir, Jaana Bäck, Markus Reichstein, Sebastian Leuzinger, Paulo Artaxo, Sirkku Juhola

5. The use of soil-vegetation-atmosphere observations and modeling for state-of-the-art sustainable agricultural and horticultural applications
Conveners: Anne Verhoef, Weihong Luo

6. Greenhouse gas exchange and other land-atmosphere-interactions under human management from urban to agricultural systems: processes, measurement, and modelling
Conveners: Jianwu Tang, Yanling Wang

7. Land-based geoengineering
Conveners: Sonia Seneviratne, Hannele Korhonen, Julia Pongratz, Olivier Boucher, Andy Pitman

8. Boundary layer processes in land-atmosphere interactions
Conveners: Laurens Ganzeveld, Jordi Vila

9. Interactions among aerosols, clouds, precipitation, and climate
Conveners: Daniel Rosenfeld, Johannes Quaas, Niku Kivekäs

10. Pan-Eurasian Experiment (PEEX)
Conveners: Sergei Zilitinkievic, Aijun Ding, Hanna Lappalainen, Tuukka Petäjä

11. The role of land use and land cover changes in global and regional climate
Co-sponsored by GLP and AIMES
Conveners: Peter Verburg, Almut Arneth, Nathalie de Noblet-Ducoudré, Bart van den Hurk

12. Integrated Fire Research for the Earth System
Co-sponsored by IGAC and WMO
Conveners:  Johannes W. Kaiser, Melita Keywood

13. Response mechanisms of hydrological processes under changing environments
Conveners: Liliang Ren (IAHS Vice-President)

14. Bridging the gap between hydrometeorological and biogeochemical land-surface modelling
Conveners: Gordon Bonan, Joe Santanello, Eleanor Blyth, Sonia Seneviratne

15. Remote Sensing and data-assimilation in land-atmosphere interaction studies.
Conveners: Laurens Ganzeveld and Paul Palmer

16. Land-atmosphere-society interactions in developing countries
Conveners: Aliyu Salisu Barau, Martin Claussen, Adnan Abdulhamid , Jürgen Scheffran, Boyd D. Joeman , Tim Brücher

17. Scale and heterogeneities in land-atmosphere interactions and metrics definition
Conveners: Prof Pierre Gentine, Benjamin R Lintner, Kirsten L Findell

18. Climate – adaptation interactions – sustainable solutions for a changing planet
Conveners: Martin Wattenbach, Genxing Pan, Changming Fang

19. Open invitation for bottom-up ideas
Conveners: Tanja Suni, Aijun Ding, HC Hansson, Alex Guenther

The conference will be preceded by an Early Career Scientist Workshop between the 10th and 12th of May.